The Reds

The Reds

Friday, February 12, 2010


I decided that Brett was buying me some tanning sessions for Valentines Day. I went for my first session today. It was only a short time, I havent tanned in two years at a salon, and barely got any sun last summer. It was 8, yes 8, glorious minutes. I know getting a tan itself, will lift my winter blues somewhat, but didn't expect those 8 minutes to be so enjoyable. I had my ipod on shuffle (yes only time for 3 songs!), but an old favorite summer dance tune came on as I laid there, enjoying the warmth of the bed. I must admit, I usually hate tanning, not the end result, but lying there, waiting for melanin to arrive. Some of my friends say they can fall asleep, but I've never been able to. Most of the time I can't even relax, but wow, today was nice. I needed to relax, and I needed to feel warm. I felt both today. Thank you God for this invention on these cold days, for a poor gal, who cannot afford a trip somewhere warm. Thank you Brett, for my Valentine's Day gift!!! You did good honey!

Just playing with my blog as of now, this is an old pic of Rachel, but its one of my favorites.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

My first blog, not on myspace!

Okay! So, I watched "Julie and Julia" yesterday and decided to cook every Rachel Ray meal every day, for a year. No, wait, I decided NOT to do that!! I did decide to write a blog. I read my sister's and a couple of my friends, and I enjoy it, so thought I'd write my own. I'm sure it will be a fantabulous project I pay close attention to for months to come.